Where do you manufacture your Jewellery?2020-07-10T08:56:44+03:00

Our jewelry is manufactured in the best European factories and in high-quality East Asia

Are all prices fixed on the site2020-07-10T08:55:52+03:00

Yes, the fixed price differ is in what is paid as a tax upon receipt, if any, according to vat of each country

Where are your diamonds extracted from?2020-07-10T06:46:44+03:00

We import our diamonds from more than one mine around the world, such as (South Africa and Russia), and they are cut in Belgium and other countries

Are the Jewellery on the site different from what is available in the branches?2020-07-10T06:42:31+03:00

There are no common Jewellery pieces between the site and the stores, as the site is distinguished by its special character and designs.

Is there a warranty / exchange / return policy?2020-07-10T04:50:53+03:00

There is a clear policy for all of these details in the terms and conditions

When will new Jewellery designs be launched and displayed on the site?2020-07-10T04:50:08+03:00

Every six months

Is there a reformulation of Jewellery?2020-07-10T04:49:01+03:00

The rephrasing is made only of the merchandise of our Jewellery and also according to the possibility of working on it

Are the presented jewelry special designs for Kooheji jewelry?2020-07-10T04:48:01+03:00


Why are diamond details not written if he is on the site?2020-07-10T04:46:24+03:00

Diamond details is included in the purchase invoice

Who is the Jewellery designer at Kooheji Jewellery2020-07-10T04:44:19+03:00

We have a group of designers from international companies, and all designers are carefully chosen according to the international standards that Kooheji Jewellery Company policy follows

What is the technique used to cut diamonds and stones for jewelry?2020-07-10T03:48:54+03:00

The company is keen to use the latest devices.

Is there a way to communicate about all that is new from Kooheji Jewellery?2020-07-10T03:47:24+03:00

Our customers can provide us with their preferred means of communication, and we will contact them with everything new.

What is the thing that distinguishes Al-Kooheji jewelry from other jewelry?2020-07-10T03:38:56+03:00

Kooheji Jewellery is a leading brand in Bahrain and Saudi Arabia, as it is characterized by the launch of a variety of new contemporary Jewellery collections that keep pace with local and international fashion every three months.

As well as the company’s keenness in choosing the finest and best quality of precious stones and diamonds carefully and with great precision and attention to the smallest details, and also is characterized by providing pieces at competitive prices commensurate with all groups of society because of the variety of collections in line with the desire of customers.

Also, Kooheji Jewellery is distinguished by providing distinctive pre- and after-sales services, which made our brand trusted by our customers as they are eager to re-purchase due to their unique experience.